Agrocluster "Красное знамя" launches rape growing project

In the spring of 2018, a strategic agreement was signed between the Agrocluster "Krasnoe Znamya" and "AGROIMPEX" LLC on the organization of a joint business project for growing rape in the Dnovsky district of the Pskov region. The total volume of joint investments in the project is estimated at 10 million rubles.


Seeding of rape seed was held in the spring of 2018 on an area of ​​more than 140 hectares.


"This is our pilot joint project with" Agroimpex "in which we provide land, we sow, grow and harvest, and they buy seeds, equipment for harvesting and then realize the harvest," explains Yury Vasilyev, CEO of Euroinvest, one of the founders agro cluster "Red Banner". - With each new agricultural season, the planted areas of rapeseed in Russia are increasing, which indicates the promise of this crop. Also, in addition to rape, this season we will continue to grow wheat, barley, oats and forage grass for cattle. "


It should be emphasized that for a long time rapeseed was grown as a forage crop for cattle, as this plant has a large green mass and nutrient composition of the stem. To date, the main direction in the cultivation of rapeseed is still the production of oil. On a global scale, its production ranks third after palm and soybean.


"Our arsenal has all the necessary equipment for growing rapeseed. We plan to process the seeds of the plant, create rapeseed oil production and further sell the ready-to-eat product for export, "says Alexander Korchagin, chief agronomist of the agro cluster" Red Banner. "


To date, the agro-cluster is actively forming dairy production, all the conditions necessary for this are being created, but a full-fledged launch of the dairy project will begin next year.




Agrocluster "Red Banner" in the Dnovsky District of the Pskov Region, specializes in the production of grain and fodder for livestock. Agro cluster was established in 2012 on the basis of several agricultural enterprises and its shareholders are IC "Euroinvest" and MC "GEO".


The Red Banner has about 6.5 thousand hectares of land, of which about 1.2 thousand hectares (grain crops and fodder harvesting) have already been put into circulation. In addition, part of the land - 2.5 thousand hectares while leased and processed by other agricultural producers, but in the future, with increasing its own capacity,


In November 2017, an automated line for "smart" production of mixed fodders based on own grain and special additives ("smart") was launched, as a full-fledged individual "menu" for specific animals can be formed through micro-dosing technology and special additions. The point of sale of mixed fodders is opened and its sale and advancement is begun (small wholesale, retail, exit trade).


In the future plans of the agrocluster is the creation of a new modern dairy complex for more than 1000 heads.